Editorial Guidelines


Below you can find the Editorial Guidelines which are governing the use of services offered by BusinessComputing.

Every news announcement is moderated by our editorial team, either prior to or after publishing. This helps authenticate and ensure content is relevant, newsworthy, acceptable, accurate and is correctly formatted.

  • News announcements published on BusinessComputing target B2B technology buyers and influencers, so do not include ‘Editor Notes’ or PR Agency contact details. They will be removed.
  • We only accept genuine quality content which is newsworthy, such as a company event, product launch, organisational milestone, annual profits, research announcement, byline article etc.
  • All news announcements must be accurate and not contain any slanderous comments or references to current legal cases or aimed to harm any other persons, individuals or groups.
  • All news announcements must have a minimum word length of 300 words and maximum word length of 2,500.
  • All news announcements must be free of spelling mistakes and grammatical errors. It is not the responsibility of the BusinessComputing editorial team to proof read and edit content. Submissions may be rejected if grammatical or formatting errors are present.
  • Remember, a news announcement informs the reader about an interesting topic. If your news announcement reads like an advertisement, it will be rejected until it is appropriately modified.
  • Our publishing platform allows the following image file types: jpeg, jpg, png.
  • All news announcements must be written in third person. Any references to “I,” “we,” “us,” “you,” “your,” etc should only be contained in quotes.
  • All hyperlinks within news announcements must be relevant to the content and not for promotional purposes. Hyperlinks may be used to direct readers to further helpful information such as infographics, reports, social media accounts, videos, audio files etc…

BusinessComputing reserves the right to reject, modify and delete any content, published or otherwise, that it deems to be offensive, slanderous, racist, inflammatory, sexually explicit or that promotes violence/terrorism.